some of my favorite things

This is my mantra right now. I have started into my fall frenzy with back to working on my course, ramping up the knitting for Tippyknits and trying really hard to get back to the gym. I wanted to share some items I am totally digging right now, because sometimes it's nice to hear what your friends are into. 

1. After removing my semi-permanent eyelash extensions (which I loved, loved, loved) my lashes were so pathetic. I read so many reviews on how awesome L'oreal eyelash serum was. I thought for $14 I had to give it a try. I must say, it rocks! My lashes in the last 2 weeks have nearly doubled in length (no lie). I am so happy!

2. I am pretty fortunate that my skin stays pretty normal with little-to-no breakouts. But, when I do have a zit here or there Clean & Clear advantage acne spot treatment is worth every penny! It really, really works!

3. Ah face primer! Something I never, ever would have thought of..but I am so happy I received a sample. This stuff is ah-mazing. It works great to keep my foundation set for a full day of whatever life throws my way.


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