Fashion Friday {here comes the sun}

Our wedding invites have arrived! How exciting..and they turned out so amazing! Big thank-you to Anna of Anna Skates we are beyond happy.

This weekend I plan to begin addressing them and then off to the post office! I also have to choose flowers (which I am not going to lie, I am having a really hard time explaining what I want in the flowers).

But, I'm not going to lie all our plans are starting to come together! Very pumped! I hope you all had a great week, and have an even better weekend planned! Enjoy the Fashion Friday!

I know I titled this set weird,  but I was day dreaming about Christmas and how much love and anticipation is in the air surrounding the season. But man-alive am I ever ready for full on, sweating balms SUMMER! I want pure sunshine and heat! P.s. I added the mascara to this set because this stuff looks AWESOME and I need to try it!


Jagger Godiva Jumper $135, found here 
BlankNYC Skinny Jeans $88, found here 
The Highroad Sandal $155, found here 
Polder Davis Messenger $355, found here 
Tunnel Silver & Rose Gold Ring $2,970, found here
Shiprock gold-plated multi-chain bracelet $300, found here

I am dreaming of becoming a beach bum...but instead I will apply more lip balm to keep my kissers in good shape. I cannot believe the beautiful dresses coming out for Spring/Summer...I am excited enough to get into dresses (and I am not a dress girl at all).


Hera Feather Dress $268, found here 
Akan Navy Thong $255, found here 
Medium Leather Pouch $45, found here 
Pink Stone Necklace $69, found here 
X Cuff $62, found here 
Shrunken Chevalier Blazer (my fav!) $195, found here

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